Wow! So, I just went back and edited all my blog post. My punctuation is horrid! I new it was bad, but eek! So, I’m using this website I found to correct it. It’s basically a short list for punctuation. Click here to check it out. I would highly recommend it, if you run a blog or such. I blame the internet and “leet” speak for the “dumbing” down of language. Though I have my trusty, auto spell-check; it has a downside. It causes me to be lazy about spelling. I’m worse in search engines. Ninety percent of the time I don’t even make an effort to spell out my search, let alone carefully type it in. I’ve gotten in the habit of mashing the “bejesus” out of those keys when I’m searching. “Dear google, how are you today? Could you help me with, ‘hdfjqefi2rb8  93hf wq92 f2?'”


Event: Saturday 7-16-11 at The Tavern Framingham

I am really looking forward to Full-Blooded Mutt‘s first show in a year. We are going to be headlining at The Tavern, in Framingham, with some really awesome bands; we’re playing Saturday, July 16, 2011. On the bill that night will be The Slobbies, and their most awesome brand of slob-rock. They are one of the most entertaining bands I’ve seen in a while. Their music gets you pumping, and you’ll love the improvisational and impromptu piano solos. Calling it punk infused jazz wouldn’t even do their music justice, as it is most definitely a broader swarth of the music genres.


Expiration Date

I’m feeling kind of invincible right now! I just ate some salad dressing that expired four years ago. There has been no ill-effects, so far. It’s been at least twenty-four hours. Actually, I had some last week too -now that I think about it. I just didn’t believe it said “Feb 22 ’07”. I was like, “No way!” This time I double checked; it had definitely expired four years ago. The dressing was actually quite good, though! It was blue cheese. I love blue cheese.


Tornadic Activity

Wow! Holy storm last night! That was some doozy! Six tornadoes are being reported and four deaths. I stayed out in Watertown last night. It was a constant lightning storm with torrential down pours. I would have hated to be caught outside in that storm. I believe we hit some records. A number of cities out in western Mass got hit pretty bad. There was one street, where an entire side got leveled, but the other side was just fine. I guess tornadoes are fickle like that. Clean up crews and about 1,000 National guard have been dispatched. I think that might be a little excessive, but I’m sure their on guard for looting, and want to be ready.