Tornadic Activity

Wow! Holy storm last night! That was some doozy! Six tornadoes are being reported and four deaths. I stayed out in Watertown last night. It was a constant lightning storm with torrential down pours. I would have hated to be caught outside in that storm. I believe we hit some records. A number of cities out in western Mass got hit pretty bad. There was one street, where an entire side got leveled, but the other side was just fine. I guess tornadoes are fickle like that. Clean up crews and about 1,000 National guard have been dispatched. I think that might be a little excessive, but I’m sure their on guard for looting, and want to be ready.
Wow, I don’t know what to think of it! Global warming gone wrong? HAARP weather mod apps? The apocalypse? Nah, we we’re just overdue for a big tornado. 😛

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