Event: Saturday 7-16-11 at The Tavern Framingham

I am really looking forward to Full-Blooded Mutt‘s first show in a year. We are going to be headlining at The Tavern, in Framingham, with some really awesome bands; we’re playing Saturday, July 16, 2011. On the bill that night will be The Slobbies, and their most awesome brand of slob-rock. They are one of the most entertaining bands I’ve seen in a while. Their music gets you pumping, and you’ll love the improvisational and impromptu piano solos. Calling it punk infused jazz wouldn’t even do their music justice, as it is most definitely a broader swarth of the music genres.

Also on the bill will be our old friends, Tung, from Rhode Island. They are sure to enthrall with their gritty, gothic metal and hard rock. Their will not be a bored soul in the building that night. Did I mention their most awesome stage presence? You will be mesmerized. Finally, on the list to start off the whole night, is our new friends in the band You Will Learn. They’ve got some really good originals and are ready to rock your socks off! Here’s what they have to say on their Youtube page,

“We just want to rock! All of our songs are 100% original, no covers here! We have been together a little over a year, but have been friends for a long time. Some are former members of a little known but still kick your ass band Force Of Habit.”

I can’t wait. This is gonna be an awesome night of fun for all.


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The Tavern 7-16-2011

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