Wow! So, I just went back and edited all my blog post. My punctuation is horrid! I new it was bad, but eek! So, I’m using this website I found to correct it. It’s basically a short list for punctuation. Click here to check it out. I would highly recommend it, if you run a blog or such. I blame the internet and “leet” speak for the “dumbing” down of language. Though I have my trusty, auto spell-check; it has a downside. It causes me to be lazy about spelling. I’m worse in search engines. Ninety percent of the time I don’t even make an effort to spell out my search, let alone carefully type it in. I’ve gotten in the habit of mashing the “bejesus” out of those keys when I’m searching. “Dear google, how are you today? Could you help me with, ‘hdfjqefi2rb8  93hf wq92 f2?'”

“Why thank you, google! How did you know i needed a dental cleaning?” Seems to work every time. I jest, and am exaggerating -you think? But really though, it’s that to a lesser degree. I can only wonder what an army of “mes” are doing to the search engine algorithms. I think there was even a web page dedicated to it. Where’s that link? I’ll have to look for it later. It was something about this weird google search engine result that comes up if you type something specific in. It’s a result of the same principle, something getting erroneously typed into google that throws off the algorithms.

I had to look up what the hell an algorithm is, the other day. It turns out it’s just like an order of operations or flow chart. It’s a chart you follow and answer the question “yes” or “no”. Their are other questions too; well, for that matter, you can put any question their you want. The trick is, depending on the answers, depends on the next box/formula you proceed to. I guess integrated chips and CPU memory are just really advanced electric versions of these algorithms. Really advanced.

Maybe that’s all we are, as humans, just advanced algorithms. Then again, some of us aren’t that advanced at all. I don’t know if I blame them. If you tell someone the same thing over and over again, it starts to become reality. Can you blame a dog for not being trained? Shock therapy, that’s what I need. Every time I misuse a semi-colon, then I’ll learn. Then I’ll learn! See, that’s all it takes! “Bzzz…Ouch!”    ;-P

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