CD Review: Love & Opium

Recently, I had a chance to sit down and listen to the self-titled debut album from the band Love & Opium. This is one great album! It’s put together well, and recorded with greater quality then most famous bands. This is definitely a band to be reckoned with. Their singer, Joey D., was nice enough to mail me out a copy of their CD. I’ll hopefully be checking them out at some upcoming shows. I hope you can check them out too.

From their eponymous album, Love & Opium , “Bloodflower”┬áis a songful trip down harmonies reminiscent of STP or Aersomith -inspiring. I believe the word, bloodflower, is in reference to a flower that is both beautiful and poisonous. According to Wikipedia, “Dogbane contains cymarin, a cardiogenic toxin that causes cardiac arrhythmia in humans”. It is aptly named, being written close to the heart. “Die Alone” cranks out a hard, rockin’ groove song, about the end of things. With the more introspective lyrics, “There’s no way out of here alive/This is the road you have chosen/Like a flash before your eyes”; this song is sure to stand out. The lyrics fain primal with “All alone in a forest/Thinking of ways to survive/I am lost and forgotten/I won’t make it out alive”.

“Day Trippin'” is my favorite song on the album. The chorus has some really nice harmonics and rhythms, but I just love it when that bridge/outro comes in towards the end, “My… opium/Love & Opium”. That just sounds so cool and melodic! I’ve got to find some more links for Love & Opium. Check them out!

You can purchase their CD, Love & Opium, on CDBaby by clicking here.

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