Qualities I Appreciate in a Printer. “Low on ink – won’t print” and “no ink cartridge – won’t scan” Saddly Missing from List.

Remember the days when you would send a document to print, and regardless of your ink status the printer would just plow through it? Depending on just how finite to absolutely empty your ink was; you may have been able to read enough of your printed document. No a days, if your printer is something […]

Helper Cat

Got Windows PC computer problems? Don’t wanna pay an arm and a leg? Contact the Helper Cat by email:<admin@RoomNumberNine.com>. The most common problem I encounter in computer repairs is users neglecting to “clean” their computer’s “temp” and “garbage” files. Over time, using a computer collects useless files and registry entries. You should be regularly running […]

IE Compatibilty

Ok. Just fixed a bunch of broken links and a couple coding problems. The site was displaying correctly in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. Everything should be fine now. If it’s still not displaying correctly click “refresh” or send an email/comment. Superbowl XLVI is on. I’m listening to it on the radio,AM 850.