The Slobbies

I don’t quite remember our first show with them, but The Slobbies have always been a great time with some truly original music. It seems so seldom lately, to find a band with an original sound and style, there’s so many copies out there; but the Slobbies deliver something absolutely new and different with their… Continue reading The Slobbies


Tung is a gritty, hard rocking band from Rhode Island, with mesmerizing distorted guitar hooks and awesome shrieking rock vocals. I believe my first show with them was a few years back now, at a place called K.C.’S Tap in Pawtucket, RI. This band is bound to leave you breathless. Between Leah’s high octane vocal… Continue reading Tung

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What can I say about Planetoid? Simply the best. No one melts faces quite like them. I first heard of them years back. I remember checking out Lord of This Asteroid way back, I forget how I found them, I think it was on Myspace. We had a couple comments back and forth. Fast forward… Continue reading Planetoid