Mellow Bravo

All I can say is wowzers! I am thoroughly impressed. Mellow Bravo rocks! After listening to just a few moments of a couple of songs off their website, I have to say I am hooked! I just love that they list one of their influences as QOTSA. Freakin’ awesome! I have totally got to check… Continue reading Mellow Bravo


Uncomfortables are just an incredibly awesome band! A sweet blend of punk and rock to fill your soul. As I’ve seen on their website -and know by heart- they are too punk to be metal and too metal to be punk. That’s definitely one of the best places to be for a band. I’ve been… Continue reading Uncomfortables

Shakti Stones

This is from the “what will they think of next?” category. I just had to re-post this from Shakti Stones! I’ve never heard of them -you? What will they think of next?

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Boom Said Thunder

This band cooks! Awesome stuff. Check out songs like “Modern Girls”, “The Uncalm”, “Shadow” and “Novel Love” over at Boom Said Thunder’s Bandcamp page. I’m very impressed with this talented band -such soul and feel. Minimalist Fuzz rock at it’s best! I’ve gotta check this band out sometime, live.¬†Boom! is available as a digital download… Continue reading Boom Said Thunder