Mean Creek – New Album Out

“Alternative rock” is such an overused term, but Mean Creek have that ever-so-slight country tinge that gives them more of a classic sound, similar to Counting Crows (whom Mean Creek recently toured with), or if you’re even more old-school, Fleetwood Mac.   The Boston band recently released an album called Youth Companion, their third full-length release,… Continue reading Mean Creek – New Album Out

Review: Bishop | Goddard

Please welcome Goddard to the list of really awesome, super, cool bands listed here on the “green list”.  Check out this review and their album Bishop on Be lured in with songs like “401”; mesmerized with the funky sounds of “Quick”, with lyrics like “pay attention/gather round and listen/pay attention/to what your drinking”,… Continue reading Review: Bishop | Goddard

Review: Dreamscapes From Dead Space | Ichabod

Holy guacamole! I just found another crazy awesome band! Well, more like they found me, and submitted themselves through our submit page. “Oh, yeah!” I’m listening to Dreamscapes From Dead Space | Ichabod. A stellar grungy face smashing Crang awaits you on Dreamscapes From Dead Space. If I had to compare them to another… Continue reading Review: Dreamscapes From Dead Space | Ichabod