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Shrove Demos

Hey now! Yes, I’m still kicking and out of hibernation. Ok. I haven’t updated this site in months. Sorry for that. If only I could find some decent help -nyuk nyuk nyuk. Check out these old demos from when I was a wee lad back in the good old years of the 1990s. By the time this band was ready to implode we were going by the name Shrove. That’s a good one. It makes me want to grab some URLs. We also went under the name of Gods of What at one point. Though, I’m not sure that nomenclature ever left the acid trip -oink! Anyways, my old friend, Dean, has posted some of our old cassette recordings (now digitized) onto Totally awesome! We wrote those songs and recorded them at a time before the internet -if you can imagine that. Who would have thought years later with the post of a button you could be heard round the world (besides Nikola Tesla in the 1920s)? Sit back, relax light up a phatty, have some wine and check out this blast from the past. Thanks!