The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

This is your #QuantumTimeReport , our motto here is #BreakNoLaws #CommitNoViolence , please #JoinMeIntheFuture

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The Great Awakening
Welcome to the great conjunction, won’t you take a seat and throw it out
I’ld like to introduce the band. I hope you scream and shout
I’ve been saying for far too long, “Let’s close the gates to Hell”
The door’s attached to a dead-man’s switch, which should, spell it out

In the future I’m erased from time
I’m just a ghost, right now, and a rhyme
I left a picture for you at the South Fork Bridge
Will it hurt to die an angels death? Oh, just a smidge’

I am laughing at you, ancient snake, you’ve lost the game
It’s a shame but your jealousy and envy are to blame
There’s a feather that’s falling down. I think it’s got your name
There’s no army upon the Earth that can defeat what God proclaims

Welcome to the great awakening
Won’t you make your TV blackout?
I doubt “tell-lies-vision” has left creed or clout
Will it hurt to die an angel’s death? Let’s find out!

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