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I wrote this one a few days ago. This is called Tap-hole. Enjoy

This is your #QuantumTimeReport , our motto here is break no laws, commit no violence and please join me in the future

Tuning: A=432 Hz

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by Michael Conti
Monday, October 26, 2020
[For immediate release into the public domain]

You play the victim you lay it so well no one sees
All of the hell you are burning in me
Personifications placate playmate primes

They lie to your face that they care for your mind
Your world turns so gray when you don’t get your way
But the sky starts to say of its swan song today

You’re digging for gold but you’re coming up dry
You want to get high but not understand why
When will the piper again burst and sing?

And when will we ring the bells like a king?
How many times must I fall from the sky?
When your cryptoamnesia just makes you a spy

Judgement day. Judgement day. Go away

Under the porch she is covered with dirt
Happy as concert while she girts with her flirt
Divers are digging deep down and for miles and miles

Bases of trials that’s so vile and are sold with a smile
Walk with me once again out of the underworld
The old world. The new world. The third world. The freedom world


Now we are flying so high in the sky again
Then to the dinner Italia prepared for friends
Auspicious and rare like the lives that we live

Preparing to force all the beast to forgive
Taking a last look before I’m no more
Dawning my horns then I fall through a door

You thought that I was on the stage to shred
But I assure you I’m already dead

Judgement day. Judgement day. Go away. Some other day

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