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(Tom Waits) Goin’ Out West – Michael Conti

(Tom Waits) Goin Out West – Michael Conti

(Tom Waits) Goin’ Out West – Michael Conti


From Tom Waits 1992 album Bone Machine, this is Goin’ Out West. Enjoy

Guitar Tuning: A=432 Hz

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Music, a point in reality penetrating the dimensional spheres of the past, present and future. An extreme, gravitational, magnetic, net of the holy spirit, spread out through eons of space and time, a thought, a photograph, a word. The source of all creation. This is your Quantum Time Report, our motto here is break no laws, commit no violence and please, ladies and gentlemen, kindly if you would -join me in the future. [sent via 2079 AD, 3079 AD w/loop-dat 782 AD]

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