Wax 2.0 for Windows PC Review

Wow! I’m pleasantly suprised by Wax 2.0 Video Editing software. Recently, I was searching around for freeware and open source video editing software programs, and came across this list of the 18 Best Video Editing Software For Free Download (Windows) in Google Search. I clicked on it because it had a few Stumblupon recommendation stars […]

Shortcut Keys for Windows PC

Here is a list of some life-saving Windows PC shortcuts. Of course you could always just do things the hard way CTRL+C =Copy to clipboard CTRL+X =Cut to clipboard CTRL+V =Paste from clipboard CTRL+Z =Undo last command CTRL+Y =Re-do last undo Shft+Ctrl+Y= Repeat last command Tab = select next choice on the page Shift+Tab=select previous […]

RSS Means Really Simple Sindication

Hey all, today I thought we would cover RSS Feeds and RSS Readers. First of, what is RSS you ask? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a way for bloggers and website operators to get their content out, and provides users with an easy way to read the newest blog posts from their […]

Qualities I Appreciate in a Printer. “Low on ink – won’t print” and “no ink cartridge – won’t scan” Saddly Missing from List.

Remember the days when you would send a document to print, and regardless of your ink status the printer would just plow through it? Depending on just how finite to absolutely empty your ink was; you may have been able to read enough of your printed document. No a days, if your printer is something […]

Helper Cat

Got Windows PC computer problems? Don’t wanna pay an arm and a leg? Contact the Helper Cat by email:<admin@RoomNumberNine.com>. The most common problem I encounter in computer repairs is users neglecting to “clean” their computer’s “temp” and “garbage” files. Over time, using a computer collects useless files and registry entries. You should be regularly running […]

Drive K:

OK. So, apparently you can install a laptop hard drive to a desktop. I just needed the SATA cord , after I bought a used hard drive. An extra power hook-up was already in the desktop. It was pretty straight forward adding the second hard drive to my computer. First, unplug the computer and open […]