Sunday, May 20, 2012 – Annular Solar Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse this Sunday. Too cool! Here’s a nice article and map of the phenomenon. Enjoy!

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Shortcut Keys for Windows PC

Here is a list of some life-saving Windows PC shortcuts. Of course you could always just do things the hard way

    • CTRL+C =Copy to clipboard
    • CTRL+X =Cut to clipboard
    • CTRL+V =Paste from clipboard
    • CTRL+Z =Undo last command
    • CTRL+Y =Re-do last undo
    • Shft+Ctrl+Y= Repeat last command
    • Tab = select next choice on the page
    • Shift+Tab=select previous choice on page
    • ALT+Tab =Active Program Window Swapper
    • CTRL+W(some programs) =Tab Close
    • CTRL+Shift+Escape =Task Manager
    • Spacebar =Stop/Play, Page down
    • CTRL+Right Click   or CTRL+Enter
    • ALT+F4 =Close Window
    • CTRL+L(in Firefox)=Select URL

A lot of the shortcut keys I’ve learned have come from the following URL.

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RSS Means Really Simple Sindication

Hey all, today I thought we would cover RSS Feeds and RSS Readers. First of, what is RSS you ask? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a way for bloggers and website operators to get their content out, and provides users with an easy way to read the newest blog posts from their favorite websites. When I first discovered RSS (about thirty years after everyone else), I thought, “Wow! Why wasn’t I reading RSS before?” I think the common phrase used to address the non-RSS initiated is “Come in from the cold!”.

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Does and Don’ts of Website Building

Here’s a list of helpful advice, I’ve clung to, in the trial and error pursuit of learning to design web pages in HTML, CSS and PHP. Yeah, I skipped Javascript, time to learn that one.



Wow! So, I just went back and edited all my blog post. My punctuation is horrid! I new it was bad, but eek! So, I’m using this website I found to correct it. It’s basically a short list for punctuation. Click here to check it out. I would highly recommend it, if you run a blog or such. I blame the internet and “leet” speak for the “dumbing” down of language. Though I have my trusty, auto spell-check; it has a downside. It causes me to be lazy about spelling. I’m worse in search engines. Ninety percent of the time I don’t even make an effort to spell out my search, let alone carefully type it in. I’ve gotten in the habit of mashing the “bejesus” out of those keys when I’m searching. “Dear google, how are you today? Could you help me with, ‘hdfjqefi2rb8  93hf wq92 f2?'”