Sheez Late

Sheez Late is a local band that is sure to please. With songs like “Friends with Benefits” and “It Ain’t Right”, Sheez Late is sure to strike a chord with everyone who listens. Sheez Late is a high energy acoustic band from central Massachusetts. More recently they have added a cellist and hand percussions. According… Continue reading Sheez Late

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Evolfo Doofeht

Evolfo Doofeht Unsigned ‘You Light Me Up’, by Evolfo Doofeht, is a rockin’, quick-phased romp through howling vocals and fetching saxophones. Now, Boston’s own Evolfo Doofeht will be releasing a new single on November 7th, 2013, titled ‘The Mechanicals‘. ‘The Mechanicals’ starts with a commanding horn section… Continue reading Evolfo Doofeht

Dressed for the Occasion

Hello and welcome to MassBands.Org. Please check out the Massachusetts based band Dressed for the Occasion. With a rockabilly twist and roots sound, gritty lyrics and ripping solo “The Devil’s Rodeo” will tempt your heart. Upbeat, and lively Dressed for the Occasion is a band worth listening too. According to their website they are influenced… Continue reading Dressed for the Occasion

“The Dark” (official video) by V on YouTube

▶ V, The Dark (official video) – YouTube.  Wowzers! I am most thoroughly impressed. I think that I have watched this highly, professionally produced video for the local band V about six times so far! It is epic, to say the least, and it’s complex sonic induction is simply eargasmic -mind shattering! The gothic-tuned style… Continue reading “The Dark” (official video) by V on YouTube

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New featured act here at Check out the alternate, fusion band, Miranda; now listed in the featured acts section. With influences like King Crimson, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Faith No More they’re sure to turn heads. Show some love, click some of there links and check out their reverbnation page. They got some good… Continue reading Miranda

Frequency Core

Here is Frequency Core out of New York, a sweet blend of EDM, guitar, folk and much more. Give it up for another featured act here at Check them out on ReverbNation!! Here’s what their website had to say about them. “…Electrorock or Rocktronic; Frequency Core’s sound melds electronic music styles such as dub… Continue reading Frequency Core

Guerilla Toss

Holy, sh*t! I f*ckin’ love this band’s sound! Check out the avant-gard sonic screwdrivers of the Allston/JP area, Guerilla Toss baby! I’m already hooked -and no I’m not easy! ;-P. These guys need to meet The Ladderlegs, if not we need to inroduce those two! Please go over to Soundcloud or Youtube and crank that… Continue reading Guerilla Toss

Of the Past

Give it up for the Boston based, metal band, Of the Past. Surf over to their ReverbNation page and click “play all”. You shall be pleased. “Nightmares”, “Dark Half” and “Lost in Time”, just stand out to me as stellar songs. You’ll find those and more on their self titled release Of the Past. Nice… Continue reading Of the Past

By the Stone

By the Stone is now listed in the directory. Please check out their tunes on and more. All local area musicians are welcome to submit music and links to the directory of super awesome music. By the Stone By the Stone Independant… Continue reading By the Stone

33 Leaves

Now listed in the directory of really awesome music, 33 Leaves. Stroll over to their page and listen to “Stories”, the funky lounge from their most awesome Stories EP. 33 Leaves 33 Leaves 33 Leaves Signed to: Independant