RNN Website Updates

I just posted a bunch of stuff. Check out the links page, documents page, share page, calendar page and public image page. On the links page I’ve added my stumbleupon bookmarks, and some helpful TV bookmarks. On the documents page I plan on releasing a ton of “knowledge based” documents I’ve been collecting over the… Continue reading RNN Website Updates

IE Compatibilty

Ok. Just fixed a bunch of broken links and a couple coding problems. The site was displaying correctly in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. Everything should be fine now. If it’s still not displaying correctly click “refresh” or send an email/comment. Superbowl XLVI is on. I’m listening to it on the radio,AM 850.

RoomNumberNine Version 8.0

Ok. I’ve totally redesigned my Room Number Nine site. For starters, I’ve added a WordPress blog. It should have had one running from the beginning. If you’re running a website without a blog you’re doing it wrong -so let’s try and fix that. I’ve stripped the design down to basics because I’m looking to store… Continue reading RoomNumberNine Version 8.0