RNN Website Updates

I just posted a bunch of stuff. Check out the links page, documents page, share page, calendar page and public image page. On the links page I’ve added my stumbleupon bookmarks, and some helpful TV bookmarks. On the documents page I plan on releasing a ton of “knowledge based” documents I’ve been collecting over the… Continue reading RNN Website Updates

Helper Cat

Got Windows PC computer problems? Don’t wanna pay an arm and a leg? Contact the Helper Cat by email:<admin@RoomNumberNine.com>. The most common problem I encounter in computer repairs is users neglecting to “clean” their computer’s “temp” and “garbage” files. Over time, using a computer collects useless files and registry entries. You should be regularly running… Continue reading Helper Cat


I don’t know what you people watch for TV out there, but I just finished watching the Stargate dynasty on Netflix. That is some bad-ass sci-fi. I’m telling you, they cover just about

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IE Compatibilty

Ok. Just fixed a bunch of broken links and a couple coding problems. The site was displaying correctly in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. Everything should be fine now. If it’s still not displaying correctly click “refresh” or send an email/comment. Superbowl XLVI is on. I’m listening to it on the radio,AM 850.

RoomNumberNine Version 8.0

Ok. I’ve totally redesigned my Room Number Nine site. For starters, I’ve added a WordPress blog. It should have had one running from the beginning. If you’re running a website without a blog you’re doing it wrong -so let’s try and fix that. I’ve stripped the design down to basics because I’m looking to store… Continue reading RoomNumberNine Version 8.0

CD Review: Love & Opium

Recently, I had a chance to sit down and listen to the self-titled debut album from the band Love & Opium. This is one great album! It’s put together well, and recorded with greater quality

Event: Friday 11-18-2011 – Ralph’s Diner

Have we got a show for you, or what?!! Ralph’s Diner, Friday, November 18, 2011, Worcester, MA 01609. I’m not to sure on the order of operations yet, but here is the line-up: Sever the Drama, Tung, The Slobbies, Full-Blooded Mutt. Ralph’s Diner 8:00PM Worcester, MA!! Oh, hells yeah! This is gonna be a good… Continue reading Event: Friday 11-18-2011 – Ralph’s Diner

Event: Saturday 10-1-2011 – The Fallout Festival

Hey, hey…it’s almost time to rock the house! We got ten acts of Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, Electronic/DJ. We got breakdancing, MC Battling, BMX and motor bike insane tricks! We got graffiti walls. We got food and drinks. We got a venue capacity of around 1000, and we aim to fill it. The show is being… Continue reading Event: Saturday 10-1-2011 – The Fallout Festival

Event: Saturday 8-27-2011 Dodge Street Salem

Woot! Woot! We have an awesome show planned for y’all. Saturday, August 27, 2011, an end of summer show featuring Planetoid, 138, Full-Blooded Mutt and The Slobbies. Dodge Street is sure the happening place, and what better band is there to headline it than Planetoid? Straight from another galaxy, through the threads of time and… Continue reading Event: Saturday 8-27-2011 Dodge Street Salem


Wow! So, I just went back and edited all my blog post. My punctuation is horrid! I new it was bad, but eek! So, I’m using this website I found to correct it. It’s basically a short list for punctuation. Click here to check it out. I would highly recommend it, if you run a… Continue reading Punctuation